Personal Letter from Rabbi Schusterman

Dear new parent or expectant parent,

The arrival or anticipation of the arrival of a new child is an exciting time.  The baby’s arrival will change your world and bring you a joy that you have never known.  This time can also be overwhelming time, what with all the preparations and emotions about this life changing event about to take place.

My goal is to help you remove one concern from your list.  My motto is putting baby first.  This website is designed to help you with information regarding the history and practice of Brit Milah (Circumcision) as well as resources from supplies needed to local catering.

I am happy to answer any questions you have (I mean any) and will be there to ensure that the baby has the best pre-bris and post-bris care.  Please explore the site or go straight to the Book a Date page where you can find my contact information as well.

May the arrival of your new baby be in a happy and healthy hour and may you have only Nachas and blessing in your life always!


Rabbi Nechemia Schusterman