Ari & Bethany Anconina – Brookline MA 2017

Ari & Bethany Anconina
Rabbi Schusterman performed our son Benjamin’s Bris in early June of 2017. He was very accommodating. He offered us the traditional circumcision method according to Orthodox law and a new type of circumcision method which has a faster healing time and was still in accordance with Orthodox practice. He explained both methods thoroughly so we could make an informed decision. After selecting our option, Rabbi Schusterman took every precaution, examined our baby, and checked on the lighting situation (as I learned later these were things needed to perform a Kosher Bris). His actions showed me that he was very serious in what he was doing which provided a lot of relief for my wife and myself.
At the Brit itself, Rabbi Schusterman explained the Mitzvah of the Bris to those in attendance which was a good ice breaker. Rabbi Schusterman then performed the Bris at which point he reiterated the aftercare instructions to my wife and I. He continued to check on Benjamin’s progress afterwards which was very touching. Benjamin healed much quicker than expected.
If anyone needs anymore convincing my wife and I had to take Benjamin to the pediatrician for a routine check up and she told us that whoever performed the Bris did a fantastic and professional job.
Ari Anconina

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