Note from Baby H & his Dr. – Sharon MA 2017

See note from my Dr.

Rabbi Schusterman did a great job taking care of me!  I don’t remember much about my bris, since I was so little and I’d had a bit of wine beforehand, but from what my mommy and daddy tell me, he was very precise.  He made sure I was healthy in the days before my bris, and checked me to make sure he knew what he was dealing with, before the ceremony.  Afterwards, he gave my mommy and daddy very good instructions to make sure I healed properly and quickly, and made sure they knew exactly what to do.  He talked with them lots of times in the first few days, to make sure I was doing ok.  I was uncomfortable for those first few days, but in the end I healed very, very well.  I feel very lucky that my mommy and daddy picked a mohel who cared so much about making sure that my bris was medically sound, and who takes his job seriously!

Simcha S.

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