Rebbeca and Avihu Yona Brookline MA 2017

It was a great pleasure to have Rabbi Schusterman as Mohel for our baby boy.

We were looking for an experienced Mohel and Rabbi Schusterman was highly recommended.

The Bris went very smoothly, we felt that our little boy is in very good hands.
The high hygienic standards, organization and the attention to our questions along the way made us feel very secure.

Most importantly, Rabbi Schusterman visited us at home and guided us through the phone, numerous times, to make sure that the healing process is going well,

as young parents this was super important!
It is worth mentioning that during the routine checkups of the first six months of the baby three different personals (two doctors and a nurse practitioner) spontaneously  complemented the circumcision.
We highly recommend  Rabbi Schusterman and we are grateful for him being with us at this big day of Simcha.

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