Dr Akiva and Miriam Daum – 3rd bris with R. Schusterman

Rabbi Schusterman is the only Mohel that we would use. He made us feel comfortable from the beginning of our experience with our first son up through our third son. He is thorough, health conscious, and hallachically oriented. He is also approachable and friendly, going above and beyond the “call of duty” not only before, but during and after the Bris as well. I don’t know of anyone else who takes the time to come and visit the baby at home afterwards to make sure the boy is healing properly. He took the time to make my wife and I as comfortable as new parents can be during the entire process and never once made us feel that our phone calls were too much or disruptive. He even took the time to show me his instruments and explain how he sterilizes each one of them to medical standards. His patience and compassion are astounding. He set my sons up for the start of a strong Jewish life and I am grateful for everything he does.

Dr Akiva and Miriam Daum

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